About Us

Since the last three decades, an Enopeck seal has established itself as the leader in the manufacturer of 100% pilfers proof sealing products. The quality and functional aspect of the devices have been given top most priority. The company has been on the constant look out for losses securing during the transit of valuable cargo and has thereby set itself on the task of designing manufacturing and marketing quality locking product. This in turn has put an end to pilferage and tampering of seals to an enormous extent. Customer confidence has been further enhanced as these seals are not available in the open market. The credentials of the actual users are thoroughly investigated to ensure that these products are not available for misuse. Hence, each seals are providing with your company logo and unique numbers.

Enopeck has an on-going commitment to research and development and combined with strategic partnerships, that has enabled Enopeck to offer a broad range of products. Because of this, we offer More Choices and More Solutions to our customer.

Our range of tamper evident barrier seals and security seals provide an effective deterrent against unauthorized entry and tampering. Our security seals and box locks have a variety of applications, from securing shipped items to sealing plastic lids on distribution containers. We pride ourselves in making the most technologically advanced sealing products for almost all types of industries, but we recognize that our strength is found in the unique level of commitment and dedication of our people. We believe people can make the difference and our employees have been doing just that consistently since three decades. We hope you will let us show you how the use of sealing products can make a difference.

Note: specially designed “Enopeck Sealing System" made for every application in different fields, our customers through out country are giant in their respective fields. From bulk drugs, to petrochemicals, pesticide to fertilizers, dyes, chemicals to dairies, cargo industries, Banking, gold to Coal industries Industries, to retail industries and many more

We are serving in following businesses:

  • Chemical & Pharma
  • Meter Industry
  • Milk Industry
  • Mining Industry
  • Retail Industry
  • Many more..

Our Prestigious Clients